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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

From Floor To Wall: Which Fabrics Best Compliment Common Flooring Materials

by Alyssa Perkins

When selecting drapes for a room, you should take into consideration the overall architecture of the room, the feeling you want to achieve, and the furniture that is already in the room. Perhaps the most important aspect of a room to consider when selecting drapery fabric is the flooring. Below are five common types of flooring, and the types of drapery fabric that work well with them. 


Tile flooring generally gives a room an open, airy feeling. They look best with natural light on them and tend to make a room appear bigger and more open. With this in mind, you will want to pair your tile flooring with lightweight fabrics. 

Burnout, canvas, linen, and muslin can add a bit of texture to a room with tile flooring without overwhelming the room. Full length sheer drapes are also a good choice because they allow natural light into the room. In a kitchen or bathroom, you may want damask or calico cafe curtains, which will add a splash of color without distracting from the pattern of your tiles. 

Whether your tiles have a glossy finish or matte finish will make a big difference in which type of fabric you select. You should select a fabric that has a similar finish to your flooring. Avoid trying to pair a rough fabric with a high gloss floor. 


Hardwood flooring gives your room a feeling of comfort and formality at the same time. Because wood tends to have a heavier feeling, you will want to choose a heavier fabric to go with it. Velvet, chenille, and tapestry can be supported by the texture of your hardwood floor. 

Hardwood floors look good with longer drapes, which puddle on the floor, softening the lines of the room. You will also want to select solid colors or fabrics with simple patterns, to avoid distracting from the texture of your flooring.  


The wide variety of colors and textures available for carpeting means that which type of drapes will look best in a carpeted room depends on the type of carpet you select. However, in general, carpeted rooms look good with floor-length or sill-length curtains that hang strait, with minimal flow. Satin, organza, and calico tend to be good choices of fabric for a carpeted room. 

With a carpeted room, you should feel free to explore more in-depth, colorful patterns on your curtains. Your choice of pattern and color can transform a carpeted room into several different looks and feels.  

Natural Stone 

Similar to wood floors, natural stone floors work well with heavier, pooling fabrics with minimal patterns or solid colors. However, stone floors can be emphasized by sill-length curtains as well as pooling drapes. 

Bright, bold colors can look good against the natural colors of stone, but if you have an interesting marble pattern, you may want to select a more muted drape to allow your flooring to shine. Lace curtains can also emphasize the color and texture of stone, but they should be made from a heavier lace pattern. 


Cork, just like most carpeting, is a highly versatile flooring that can work well with many different curtains. The warmth that cork flooring gives makes it less likely to pair well with pooling fabric and more likely to look good with stiff, patterned floor length fabric. Dotted Swiss, damask, and gingham are all excellent choices for drapes in rooms with cork flooring.  

While there are certain conventions to home design that you might want to follow to achieve a seamless look, it is important to realize that some decorating rules are made to be broken. If you want to pair a fabric with your floor that does not traditionally go together, you should feel free to experiment. 

For a better idea of your options, go to sites of local drapery retailers.