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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Looking For Land? These Features Will Help Ensure A Sweet Deal

by Alyssa Perkins

Buying a piece of land isn't typically as complicated as purchasing property with a home built on it because there are not building codes and insurance policies in question. But there are still a variety of factors that should be considered to help ensure that there aren't any regrets once you've purchased your piece of raw land. Look for the following features during your property hunt:

Surveyed Terrain

An effective way to make sure that you know exactly what you'll be getting with your land purchase is to focus on land options that have been surveyed by a professional. You can gain lots of information for surveyed properties that isn't readily available for those that haven't been inspected, such as land maps and boundary specifics. Other important pieces of information you can expect to learn from land surveys include:

  • Locations of property easements.
  • Outlines of ponds, rivers, and other natural points of interest.
  • Maps of right-of-ways and shared driveways if applicable.
  • Hookup options for electricity, gas, and water to help with future development.

Buying a property that has already been surveyed will save you the extra time and money of having it done yourself, as well as provide you with the opportunity to move ahead with development plans as soon as closing day arrives.

Property Barriers

Whether or not there are already neighbors living next door to your new property, you'll likely appreciate some privacy once you start developing the land to your satisfaction. Look for properties that already have privacy barriers in place to save yourself some money on initial development costs, and to ensure some privacy from nosy neighbors once you start spending time on the land. Keep your purchase options wide open by looking for a variety of barrier types when shopping for land. Consider one or more of the following options:

  • A perimeter of hibiscus bushes of different colors, sizes, and shapes for added color throughout the year.
  • A fence of lattice around the property lines so you can grow fresh vegetables on it.
  • Hardwood trees planted around the property that add depth and privacy.

You should be able to imagine a current and future use for the property barriers that have been put into place. If you aren't thrilled with the barrier of a property you consider purchasing, chances are that you will end up wasting time and money replacing it in the future.

Electrical Power Lines

If there aren't many people living in the neighborhood you'd like to purchase your property in, there is a good chance that power poles will not be found at every piece of land you look at. If you purchase a property without a power pole already installed, you'll have to pay the power company to install one, which can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars depending on how many poles are required in order to extend electricity to your property.

Choosing a property that already has power poles available for electricity hookups will not only save you the money of installation, but you will also avoid having to correspond about the installation of new power poles with the development of a new home or other property feature that will require electricity for building. Scheduling an installation can get stressful as you may have to wait weeks for the power company to be ready to install the poles you're in need of.

By keeping these basic features in mind while you shop for your dream property, the experience is sure to be a positive one that you remain happy with as the years pass. For more information, contact local land surveying companies.