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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

How To Easily Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

by Alyssa Perkins

If you have glass shower doors that surround your bathtub, then you likely clean the doors incessantly. If you do not, then the door becomes an unsightly mess. Cleaning is likely not your favorite job around your home. Thankfully, there are many ways you can make the cleaning process easier. Keep reading to learn how.

Use The Right Cleaning Products

When you look for a product to clean your shower door, you need to find something that will get rid of the mineral deposits formed on the glass due to your hard water. The product must release soap scum as well as mold spores and bacteria. Unfortunately, many products either contain ingredients to get rid of the mold or to take care of the bacteria. This can leave you with one harmful substance in your shower. For example, the popular bathroom spray made by Comet contains a variety of ingredients. Anti-film agents, surfactants, solvents, and citric acid are included. Most of the ingredients are meant to boost the cleaning power of the spray. The citric acid can kill bacteria, but it will not reduce mold growth.

Instead of using a purchased spray, consider making your own at home. Vinegar is a great choice because it will kill bacteria and mold spores. It will also dissolve soap scum and mineral deposits left on the shower glass. Vinegar does not work instantly to do all these things, so you will need to spray it on the glass and allow it to sit for a bit. First, place about one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray a generous amount of the fluid across the shower door and wait about 30 minutes. 

After the vinegar sits, use a clean rag to wipe down the door. Rinse it with water afterwards. Inspect the door for any stains or soap scum that remains. If you notice any built-up debris, mix about two tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of water to create a thin paste. Use a clean cloth to apply the paste to the stains and work them away. 

Create A Waterproof Barrier

After you clean your shower door thoroughly, you likely do not want to complete the task again for another few months. This means that you need to create a barrier across the glass that will help to keep debris from sticking. WD-40 can do this. In fact, this spray lubricant can also protect the door from bacteria and mold growth by wicking water away and retaining a dry environment that is not ideal for bacteria or mold spores. To add the WD-40, spray a generous amount of the material across the front and back of the door. Concentrate a bit of the spray around the shower track and corner areas where mold will likely collect. Use a cotton towel to gently wipe away excess spray. Do not buff the door or you will remove most of the lubricant. You want a thin protective film to be left behind.

You can add WD-40 after serious cleanings and use it once a week as well to retain the waterproof shower barrier. However, if you are not interested in continually spraying the door, then use a dryer sheet to gently clean the door after each shower. Dryer sheets can release soap scum from glass when they are wetted and gently wiped across the glass. 

Shower door cleaning is a task you likely despise. Thankfully, the job does not have to be a difficult one as long as you use vinegar and WD-40. You should also ask your glass door installation expert for some basic care and maintenance tips when the door is initially installed. For more tips, check out websites like http://glasshopperaurora.com.