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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

4 Ideas For Backyard Pet Memorials That You Can Visit

by Alyssa Perkins

When pets pass away, people do not typically use a large cemetery to bury them with other pets. Instead, many opt for burying a beloved pet in their own backyard. Not only can your animal be memorialized at your own home, but there are multiple ways you can set up a special memorial area. By purchasing a variety of home and garden accessories, you create a memorial that honors your animal and gives you a place to visit on a daily basis. By gathering these materials, you can build the memorial yourself and create an area that would make your pet proud.

Thin Stone Veneer

Once your pet is buried in the ground, you can protect the area from being disturbed and create a nice memorial. Thin stone veneer offers a great way to create a boundary around the burial spot. You can set up the veneer so that it anchored into the ground and creates a small gravestone-like area for you to visit each day. The stone is available in a number of different colors and the thin design of the veneer stone allows you to set up a variety of custom designs.

You can also use thin stone veneer to design a memorial bench near the burial site. The bench creates a great place to sit and reflect on fond memories that you had with your pet. Benches can be purchased manufactured with the thin stone veneer or by putting stone pieces together yourself to create a makeshift bench.

Stone Plaques

Along with a stone veneer design, you can add a memorial by ordering a plaque for the stone. A memorial plaque can feature the name of your pet, their birth year and death year. You can also include a custom quote or text that represents your pet. For example, the plaque can feature a quote like "Man's Best Friend." When attaching a memorial plaque to stone, you can use a type of construction glue to help keep the plaque secure. This will ensure that the plaque stays in place for multiple years to come. Bolts, screws, or nails could damage the stone and cause unnecessary cracks.

Memorial Garden

Along with a stone veneer surrounding, you can use the open area to create a nice memorial garden. If your pet was cremated, then a memorial garden area is a great way to spread the remains and create a new life that grows with it. Choose plants and designs that honor your pet on an annual basis. For example, you can select plants that match the color of your pet. If you owned an orange cat, then you can select from backyard plants like the snapdragon or California poppy. When the plants bloom, it's a good time to go visit the memorial garden and honor your pet.

Garden Statues

Showcase a literal representation of your pet with a statue that represents your pet. Stone statues can feature animal designs and exact species of your pet. For example, if you owned a miniature dachshund, you can purchase a miniature dachshund garden statue that is placed over the top of the remains. This is a great visual to look at when visiting the memorial area and remembering your pet. Other memorial designs like the veneer stones can help you surround the garden statue and create a nice area that keeps the statue protected. You can even add extras to the statues that help personalize the area. For example, you can place one of your pet's collars over the statue. If your pet wore outfits, then one of the shirts or jackets can help complete the outfit design.

By taking your time and choosing various products, you can create a memorial that truly honors your pet and gives you a place to visit for many years to come.  For tips on this and other stone supply topics, click here for more information