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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Creating A Classic Gothic-Inspired Entrance For Your Home

by Alyssa Perkins

A Gothic-inspired doorway can add vintage charm and style to the entrance of your home. With the right touches, you can create a stunning new look for your home while showing off a bit of your personality. Use the following ideas to create your own Gothic look.

Stained Glass Sidelights

Adding sidelights to your door can create the look of a grand entrance. Work with a contractor to create the space for sidelights if you don't already have them, and choose a stained glass design to add to the Gothic look. The stained glass design should have rich, deep colors and each piece should have metal framing around each piece to emphasize the look while also providing a bit of added support. If you can't find the perfect design in a store or online, work with a stained glass company to create a custom look.

Arched Door

An arched door can provide the perfect complement for your stained glass sidelights. Look for a design that features a sharply arched design at the top. Dark woods, such as mahogany, work well for a Gothic look, but you can also choose a lighter oak to match the colors of your home's exterior.

Antique Gothic-Style Lights

Antique Gothic-style lighting is key to creating your beautiful new doorway. Consider wall-mounted sconces on each side of the doorway to illuminate the area. If your doorway has a covered porch, you can also opt for a beautiful outdoor chandelier to coordinate with the sconces. Choose designs in wrought iron to channel Gothic style. Designs with seed glass lampshades and Edison-style bulbs add to the antique look you are trying to achieve. 

Gothic-Inspired Hardware

Creating the perfect Gothic-style look is all about the details, so don't forget about hardware for the door. A wrought iron lion doorknocker makes a perfect addition to your arched door. You can also find ornate doorknobs featuring lion or gargoyle faces for a stunning look. Decorative door hinges placed on the side of the door can also add to the overall look. Choose wrought iron or brass designs, but don't be afraid to mix and match different types of metal to create a truly inspired look for your entrance.

Once you've found all of the hardware and lighting, as well as the perfect door, contact a contractor to help you install these beautiful pieces. When the project is complete, you'll have a stunning look for your home's front entrance.