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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has A Burning Odor

by Alyssa Perkins

It's unsettling when you notice a burning odor coming from your air conditioner. You might smell a smoky odor, burning rubber, or burning plastic. While the odor might not be serious, in some cases, it can signal problems that need quick attention to prevent a fire. Here's a look at a few possible reasons why your AC has a burning odor.

The Filter Might Be Clogged

If you forgot all about cleaning or changing the air filter, then it might be so clogged up that airflow is restricted through the inside of the HVAC system. This can cause the unit to overheat and give off a burning odor. Change your filter right away and see if that makes a difference. If not, the problem could be with dust clogging the internal parts. Calling an HVAC technician is in order so you don't cause further damage by running the AC when it overheats and struggles to operate.

The Blower Motor Might Be Bad

The blower motor circulates air through the air handler. It can overheat if something restricts airflow or if it is clogged with dust or just due to worn parts. When it overheats, it can melt coating on the wiring that causes a burning plastic or rubber smell. Some AC blower motors are direct drive and others are driven with belts. The belts gradually wear out over time and when they get thin and worn, they can give off a smell like burning rubber. Replacing the belt may be all that's needed in this case. In the case of a direct drive motor, the motor may need to be replaced if it's bad.

There Could Be An Electrical Malfunction

The electrical components and wiring can go bad when there's a power surge or short circuit in your HVAC. Electrical problems often create a strong odor of burning plastic or hot wiring. These problems can be serious since they can lead to a fire under the right circumstances. You should turn your AC off at the breaker and call for emergency help if you suspect a problem with an electrical fire, overheating, or melting of electrical components.

Having regular service calls that include cleaning the inside of your air conditioner helps prevent problems with overheating from dust and worn parts. However, problems can still occur due to an electrical malfunction or neglecting to change the filter on time. When you notice a burning odor coming from your HVAC and you're certain it isn't wafting through your system from another place in your house or property, then turn off your AC. If you fear something is burning, call the fire department. Otherwise, get help from an air conditioning repair technician so your AC isn't damaged and so you can enjoy cool air again as quickly as possible.