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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

4 Steps To Prepare Your Tropical Plants For Winter

by Alyssa Perkins

As winter approaches, it will soon be time for most Americans to prepare their landscape for the harsh weather. If you have a tropically-inspired landscape, you need to be even more ready for the winter season. Here are a few things to put on your to-do list before the first frost comes.

Decide What to Bring Inside

If you have a lot of tropical plants that can't survive cold weather, you may not be able to save them all. Due to space constrictions or a realistic assessment of your time and energy, some plants may have to be sacrificed so that others might live. Consider the importance of individual plants in terms of their cost and time investment, your sentimental attachments, and how well they are likely to do inside your home. 

Prepare Plants for the Indoors

Before hauling your tropical plants inside, inspect them for pests and remove debris. Prune them while outdoors so you don't have to bother them when they're wintering. Wash all plants off to avoid bringing in particles or toxic outdoor chemicals that could be bad for indoor pets or children. Prepare the plants' winter home with floor protection (including drip trays) and a sunny location. If any plants could be dangerous for pets, make sure your four-legged friends can't get to them. 

Prep Outdoor Plants as Well

Unless you live in a region of extreme winter weather, some of your hardier tropical plants will likely be fine overwintering outdoors. There are a few tricks to help them survive frosts and light snow. Move outdoor plants together to reduce heat loss and protect them better. Put them in a spot that gets more sunlight, where they receive some protection from the elements, and where they are surrounded by heat-absorbing items (like concrete or brick). Prepare a cover for outdoor plants or groups of plants that you can throw on them before a frost. 

Get Professional Assistance

If you have a lot of tropical plants, talk with a professional landscape maintenance service to determine the best way to approach winter in your particular yard. A professional with experience protecting tropical plants can help with tasks like appropriate fertilizing, pruning before stormy weather, and preparing the irrigation system for freezes. 

Readying your tropical landscape for the cold season takes a little time, but it will yield rich rewards. You'll save money on new plants, protect your time investment in the existing ones, and enjoy your tropical garden all year long.