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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

5 Renovation Tips For Adding Storage To A Small Bathroom

by Alyssa Perkins

With a little creative planning, even the smallest corner or hallway can work as a bathroom when you need more space for a growing family. Use these five tips to work more space into your smallest bathrooms, whether it's during the original installation or during a timely renovation.

1. Recessed Shelves

If there's no more space on the walls for more shelves and medicine cabinets, install storage space inside the wall cavities instead. Ask your bathroom design team if it's possible to remove the drywall or cement board, and install shelves between the studs for recessed storage that makes the most of every inch inside the bathroom.

2. Door Organizers

Don't just go for the usual over-the-door organizers when creating more space in a small bathroom. Hang towel racks and rods on the back of the door as well, or look for a folding organizer that allows you to hang clothes to dry when the bathroom's not in use. Even baskets and hooks work well when added to a door that is already taking up plenty of space in a small room.

3. Storage Tubs

To truly take advantage of every space inch in a bathroom, ask your builder to create a tub in which the enclosure sides tilt open so you can store things around the tub's interior wall. Since most modern cast iron or acrylic tub enclosures are hollow between the inner and outer walls, there's quite a bit of storage for personal care products and cleaning chemicals. These specialty tubs require quite a bit of extra work for specialty installation, but it may be worth the effort in a very small space.

4. Above-Shower Cabinets

Add a bank of waterproof cabinet boxes above a standard shower enclosure to organize your towels, arrange your hair care accessories, or even store holiday decorations out of season. Just make sure to store a stepladder in or near the bathroom with these cabinets, so that you and your guests can safely reach anything stored in them.

5. U-Shaped Vanities

Did you choose a pedestal sink without considering how it would limit your storage under the sink? Pick up a freestanding U-shaped vanity cabinet that fits around the pedestal, or around the plumbing under a suspended sink. There's no need to remove the sink you currently love just to add more enclosed storage space. Many designs also include a secondary shelf at the top of the cabinet for even more storage.