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When I purchased a home a few years ago, I had no idea what kind of workload I would be faced with. In addition to trying to figure out how to keep the place clean, I was also left with the challenge of tidying up the yard and keeping things trimmed. It was a little overwhelming, but I knew that I could do it with a little hard work and dedication. I started reading a lot of books and blogs about creating gorgeous things for your home and yard, and it was a great creative outlet. This blog is all about exciting, fun ways to make your home and yard even more beautiful.


Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Are You Thoroughly Cleaning Your Kitchen?

by Alyssa Perkins

During the past holiday season did you focus on things like decorating your house, baking and going to holiday events? If so, you more than likely were exhausted after New Year's, maybe even taking time off from heavy house cleaning. Now that you're well into 2019, perhaps you have decided that you'll start with your kitchen, organizing and making it super clean. From arranging for home pest control services to buying air-tight storage containers, here are some ideas that might help you.

Home Pest Control Services - Maybe the reason you decided to start your thorough house cleaning in the kitchen is that you discovered there were unwanted guests in your kitchen pantry - pests! If you saw something like a cockroach or a tiny mouse, you probably realized that that little critter had friends who were lurking in your kitchen. The best thing to do is to find evidence of where the pests have been, say in your sack of flour or sugar. Even though it hurts to throw the food away, don't hesitate to do that. 

Hopefully, at the first sign of pests in your kitchen, you made arrangements for home pest control. If you haven't done that yet, consider making a call right away so that professionals can get rid of the pests. In fact, consider arranging for home pest control services to come to your house on a monthly basis. You'll probably be very surprised at how affordable the home pest control service will be. And, when you consider that your kitchen will be free of things like roaches that could cause disease, the money will be worth you spend will be worth it. The professionals who come from the pest control service will use products that will not hurt your children or your pets. 

Air-tight Containers - Think of making a list of the air-tight containers that you need to buy. For example, do you want to switch your cereal from the cardboard containers it came in to air-tight plastic ones? Do you want stackable containers that will hold things like flour, sugar, brown sugar and other baking items? While you're at it, consider buying a hanging fabric shoe organizer that you can hang on the inside of your pantry door. This will be a great place to keep things like tea bags, seasoning packets and other small items you use in your kitchen.

Consider using one day a week, maybe Saturday mornings, to go through your kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator to get rid of things you won't be using. And, when you return your air-tight containers to their proper place, be sure they're not sticky. After all, you don't want to invite more pests into your kitchen.