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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Three Ways To Make Your Home More Delivery-Friendly

by Alyssa Perkins

With more and more services being brought right to your front door, it's important to make sure your home is delivery-friendly. Whether you order groceries online or get takeout through different apps each week, making it easy for drivers to find your address can mean the difference between getting your packages and missing out. Here are a few ways you can make your home's setup ideal for deliveries.

Backlit Address Numbers

Even with your porch light on at night, it can be difficult to see a traditional set of house numbers. Backlit address numbers are illuminated, to make finding your home easier to spot in the dark. These special lights come in an array of designs to match your home's aesthetic, and they can even bring a beautiful glow to your porch. Consider setting them up with timers, or work with an electrician to incorporate the lights into your home automation setup. This way, you can turn the lights off as needed, even if you're away from your home,

Video Doorbells

Adding a video doorbell can make it easy to answer the door even when you aren't home. You can use the doorbell's intercom system to tell delivery persons where to leave your packages, instead of leaving a note on the door. The doorbell also comes in handy if you are waiting on food but can't make it to the door right away. Answering on your smartphone can let the driver know you're on your way to the door. These doorbell systems also come with some optional video recording capabilities, so you can capture footage of anyone visiting your home, day or night.

Delivery Lock Boxes

If you shop online a lot but aren't always home to receive your packages, you can use a delivery lock box as a secure option for receiving items. Traditional designs require the delivery person to have a key, but new smart padlocks can make it easy for drivers to drop off items securely. The padlocks feature scanners, which are used to scan the shipping labels. Once the label is scanned, the padlock opens to provide access to the inside of the storage container. You can leave instructions in your orders to let the drivers know how to handle the lock.

Of course, you'll also want to keep your porch and walkways clear so drivers can access your home easily. Once you have the right equipment installed and your porch is free from obstructions, you're ready to start receiving deliveries for all your favorite foods and products.