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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Why Every Home Buyer Needs A Home Inspection

by Alyssa Perkins

Did you recently make an offer on a home that was accepted? If so, you'll have the option to move forward with a home inspection. Here is why every new buyer needs to have their home professionally inspected before moving forward with the sale.

Major Flaw Discovery

The main reason to have a home inspection is to discover potential major flaws in the home that you were not aware of when you made an offer on the home. The home inspector will go around the entire home and look for things such as foundation damage that will require serious repair, asbestos in places that are harmful to your health, and mold growth that needs to be professionally cleaned. You don't want to find these problems after you move in and you've paid for the home so a home inspection gives you the chance to reevaluate and walk away if you are not comfortable with what you discover.

Pest Problems

A home inspector can also help identify signs that there are pests in the home. Termites tend to create issues where wood has been burrowed through, which is quite easy to identify if you know what to look for. Rodents can create damage in insulation, letting you know if they have gotten into the attic or not. By having a heads up on the pests that are potentially in the home, you'll have some options on what to do. Some homebuyers make the sale of the home contingent on having a pest control specialist come take care of the problem, while others prefer a credit at closing to help pay to fix the problem themselves.

Maintenance Plan 

Part of the home inspection won't just be finding the flaws of the home that need to be fixed but learning about the maintenance that needs to be done after you move into the home. For example, you may have mortar between the exterior bricks that need to be tuckpointed soon or a roof that needs to be replaced in the future. These are things that the current owner is not going to fix, but a home inspection can better prepare you for what you'll have to do when the home is yours.

Utility Inspection

Your home inspector will also take a look at things like the electrical, water, and gas lines and make sure that everything is safe. While an older home does not need to be up to current building codes, you still want to make sure that the utility lines in your home are not at risk of causing a problem. For example, you may discover that you have galvanized plumbing in the home that should be replaced or older cloth wiring that could be upgraded, even if they are all working fine at the time of the inspection.

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