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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Throw Pillow Cover

by Alyssa Perkins

Throw pillow covers afford you a great deal of flexibility, and they are awesome for protecting your pillows. However, while the benefits of pillow covers might be universal, not all covers are the same. Learn about some of the areas you should focus on as you search for a pillow cover to purchase.

1. Fastener Style

Pay attention to the faster on the cover. Zippers, buttons, and the fold-over method are the most common fastener options. Zippers are ideal because they are the easiest to maneuver. Buttons are not exactly difficult but depending on the number of buttons and size of the pillow, it can take some time to secure each button. However, fold-over covers leave little to be desired because if they are not folded perfectly, parts of the pillow can still be exposed, and the pillow could even fall out.

2. Durability

If the pillow cover will be used in a high-traffic area, the durability of the fabric is very important. If the fabric is thin, it will be prone to rips and tears, which could expose the pillow cushion inside and force you to replace the cover sooner rather than later. If the cover has a zipper or buttons, make sure these fasteners are secured to the fabric well, as their durability is equally important to the longevity of the cover.

3.Washing Instructions

Pay attention to the instructions listed on the cover for its washing guidelines. People often choose covers because they are easy to maintain and often look better for longer than the average pillow would. However, if you do not clean the cover correctly, it will not last. For example, with leather covers, you will need to have the cover dry cleaned. Before you prepare to toss the cover in the washing machine, read the label.

4. Allergen-Rating

If you are concerned about allergens and you choose an allergen-friendly pillow cushion, remember that it is equally important that you also ensure the pillow cover is allergen friendly. You want to choose a cover that is made from a hypoallergic material, and unfortunately, the average cotton cover does not typically meet this guideline. You also want to ensure that the cover material has not been treated with any harsh chemicals, as many chemicals can cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. 

Keep all of these factors in mind as you search for a throw pillow cover, such as a blue camo leather decorative throw pillow cover, to make your search easier, and to ensure you purchase a cover that works well for your needs.