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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Incorporating Stone Products Into Your Landscaping

by Alyssa Perkins

There are many different stone products that can be used in your landscaping. However, individuals that are looking to undertake a major landscaping project may not understand all of the options that are available to them when choosing stone products.


Gravel is one of the more common types of stone products that you can use in your landscaping. The gravel can be suitable for paving walkways and driveways and to protect the soil against erosion. When choosing gravel, you will have some options in terms of the size of the gravel pieces and the colors of these stones. For those that are wanting to use the gravel for paths, it may be better to use smaller gravel. However, a person that is needing to limit erosion may find that larger stones are a better solution.

Stone Edging

Edging can be important for limiting the ability of soil from flower beds and pathways to wash away. These are stones that are placed along the perimeter of the soil so that it will be less likely to wash away during heavy rain. In addition to being useful for keeping soil in place, this can also assist with keeping your mulch from washing away. For the best results, the edging should be slightly inserted into the ground. This will help to keep the edging stable so that it will not shift positions as this could create gaps that allow soil or mulch to pass through.

Decorative Rocks

Rocks and stones can also be used for decorative purposes. For example, individuals may find that placing larger stones in strategic areas of their property can help to complement the appearance of the property by breaking up areas of the landscape. Individuals that live in arid areas may find that the use of these rocks can help to reduce the amount of grass that is needing to be watered. As a result, this is a popular option for reducing the overall amount of water that a property's landscaping will require without severely compromising the overall appearance of the yard.

Effectively using stone products in your landscaping design can help to improve the appearance of your property while giving a number of other advantages as well. Understanding the benefits and uses for some of the more commonly used stone products can help with creating a plan for incorporating these stones into your landscaping's design, whether you are looking to improve the paths on your property, reduce erosion or place them around the yard for decorative purposes.