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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Considering Gutter Installation: 4 Things You Need To Avoid

by Alyssa Perkins

Gutters are an essential fixture in any home. They're responsible for collecting and directing rainwater from the roof to the ground. That said, you might think that gutter installation isn't complicated and attempt the task as a DIY project. However, gutters are a sensitive installation because they prevent water damage in your home. As such, it's advisable to seek professional help. This is because you might make mistakes that can compromise the proper functionality of your gutter. Check out a few mistakes you will likely make with a DIY approach.

Improper Placement of the Gutter

A common mistake most homeowners make during DIY gutter installation is inaccurate placement. You should know that failing to place your gutters properly will impact how the system works. One major problem is that your water may stand or overflow when you experience heavy rains. This can lead to issues such as damage to the foundation, rotting facial boards, and water leaks. On the other hand, when an expert roofer performs the installation, they will place the gutters under your roof's drip edge. This way, you'll have no water dripping behind the gutters, preventing water damage. 

Failing to Place Hangers the Right Way

When installing the gutter system, you must use hangers to support them. That said, without proper training, you may place the hangers too far from each other. In such a case, the gutters will lose their stability. On the other hand, an expert will ensure they maintain a space of at least three feet between the hangers. This is because following such recommendations will prevent premature failure.

Failing to Choose the Right Gutter

There are different gutter types, styles, and sizes. As such, selecting one that's right for your home can be confusing without proper training. This is because different factors determine the right size of gutter to use in your home. For instance, you should install a wide gutter if your roof has a steep slope since it's highly effective at catching fast-flowing water. As such, professional help is crucial in choosing the right gutters for your home. 

Not Accommodating Roof Pitch

During installation, you need to place gutters at an angle to allow for the proper flow of water. More importantly, your gutter system must keep up with the pitch of your roof. Professional roofers understand that the steeper the roof, the larger the gutter system. This is because the water will flow too fast and overflow due to improperly sized DIY gutters. In such a case, this will end up causing damage to your home.

Proper rain gutters installation is vital in ensuring that water flowing from your roof doesn't cause damage to your property. As such, this is a task you should leave to a gutter installation professional if you're to avoid the mistakes mentioned in this guide.