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When I purchased a home a few years ago, I had no idea what kind of workload I would be faced with. In addition to trying to figure out how to keep the place clean, I was also left with the challenge of tidying up the yard and keeping things trimmed. It was a little overwhelming, but I knew that I could do it with a little hard work and dedication. I started reading a lot of books and blogs about creating gorgeous things for your home and yard, and it was a great creative outlet. This blog is all about exciting, fun ways to make your home and yard even more beautiful.

Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Restoring Your Lawn With Grass Replacement Or Fresh Sod

by Alyssa Perkins

If the grass in your yard has seen better days and needs some help, you may be looking for a way to restore it and create a fresh green lawn around your home. There are options to consider, from having a grass service replant the lawn to ordering sod and having a ready-to-use grass delivery that allows you to have grass without waiting for it to grow. 

Evaluating The Existing Grass

If your lawn is looking bad and you are having trouble getting it to grow, there may be some things a grass service can do to restore it. Often aerating the soil, adding some nitrogen and other nutrients, and planting new seeds will help. However, if the grass is too far gone, that might not be enough to revive it. 

The grass service can have the soil tested, try a few things to perk up the grass, and then adjust on the fly to try and combat problems if you are willing to wait for the grass to regrow. Sometimes adding a mix of several grass types can help the lawn thrive, but finding the best assortment for your area is essential.

A grass service that does a lot of work in your area may already have developed a mix they have had success with. However, if you are trying to do it on your own, you may want to talk to someone at the local nursery or garden center about the issue and see what they can offer for information. 

Grass Replacement

Another option is buying sod from a grass farm, already thriving and ready to lay down in your yard. The grass delivery will come as rolls of sod on a pallet, and you will need to prepare the area for the new sod, then roll it out and cut it to fit.

The grass service you have been working with can help you get the soil ready for the sod and work with you to put it in place when it arrives. The sod is cut just before the grass delivery to ensure it is in the best possible condition, and when installed correctly, you will have a new healthy lawn in a few weeks. 

Like planting, sod placement also requires soil additives to ensure the nutrients necessary are available to the new grass and the roots will take hold. When the conditions are correct, the sod will grow and become a strong lawn that will last for years if you take care of it. The cost of installing sod varies by area, but once it is in place, having the grass service come and care for it may be the best way to ensure it stays nice.