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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Butcher Block Countertops—Enhancements For Your Kitchen

by Alyssa Perkins

Butcher block countertops will add a warm, homey vibe to your kitchen. Choose a wood variety that you would like your new countertops to be constructed out of. Then, determine the placement and design of the new counters. 

Wood Types

Butcher block countertops are constructed of many wood varieties. Hardwood, such as cherry, will be dark in color and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. Lighter-colored wood varieties can be equally as impressive. Cedar or pine are two varieties of wood that possess a lighter hue. Review a variety of wood types. Hardwood varieties will be more durable than softwood varieties. If your new counters will be used for a lot of kitchen prep work, you may want to settle on a hardwood variety.

Your contractor will ultimately finalize the counters that will be installed in your kitchen. A contractor can add stain and a sealant to each new counter, greatly enhancing the beauty of a counter's wood grain and adding strength to a slab of wood.

The Placement

Once you have settled on a wood variety for your new countertops, determine where each new counter will be installed. Counters can be used as accent pieces. They can also be used throughout your kitchen. If you would like to use a counter as an accent piece, decide to have it installed centrally or along one side of the kitchen.

If you would like to use butcher block counters throughout your kitchen, your contractor will gauge how much space you have in the kitchen. Your contractor can design a central island and wall counters that will support the use of multiple butcher block sections. 

The Design And The Finishing Touches

Butcher block countertops come in two formats. Standard wooden slabs come direct from a factory. These slabs may contain straight edges or rounded edges. There are also custom countertops. A custom butcher block countertop is one that is designed specifically for the space it will be installed in. A craftsman will use measurements to prepare a slab that looks exactly like the customer wants it to be.

Consult with your contractor about various butcher block countertops. Your contractor will share pricing details with you, concerning each butcher block product that is of interest to you. Once your new counters have been ordered, you and your contractor can plan how the counters will be set up. This step will involve deciding upon the cabinetry that will rest below the countertops.

Contact a local countertop service, such as Powell's Countertops, to learn more.