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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

Things To Buy At A Garden Center To Get Started With Container Gardening

by Alyssa Perkins

If you wish you could put out a garden, but you don't have enough space in your yard that gets enough sun, consider container gardening. You can set the pots where the sun is and move them during the day if needed. You can even grow a container garden if you live in a condo or apartment and have a patio. You can find everything you'll need at a garden center. Here's what you might want to buy to get started.

Pots And Grow Bags

There is a large choice of containers, so you might want your budget to decide what to buy. If you want decorative containers for a patio, you might want clay pots or a clay herb pot that lets you grow a variety of herbs. You can also find garden towers that let you grow a variety of plants in a small area.

When you want to save money, you might want to buy simple grow bags or inexpensive plastic pots. The inexpensive options may only last a few seasons, but you can buy several at a time since they're so affordable.

Seeds And Plants

If you don't have the space or desire to start seeds indoors or if you just want to harvest your veggies sooner, then buy plants at a garden center rather than seeds. A garden center usually has a wide variety of young vegetable plants that grow well in your region at the time of year you're looking to plant something. You can even ask someone working in the garden center for advice about how to plant and care for the plants if you need to.

Sometimes, seeds are a good choice. If you want microgreens for salads and smoothies, you can grow these from seeds in a matter of days and have a constant supply all year long. You can bring your microgreens-growing containers indoors during the winter and grow them under lights.

Soil And Amendments

You'll need good soil to grow your plants in pots. The soil also needs to drain well. If you buy plain garden soil, you'll need to mix in amendments so the soil is suitable for container gardening. Also, you can look for bags of soil made specifically for container gardening. These already have amendments added.

Getting the right soil mix is important since different plants have different needs. You'll want a soil mix that's good for vegetable gardening if you intend to grow food to eat rather than grow flowers or other plants for their beauty.