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Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

When I purchased a home a few years ago, I had no idea what kind of workload I would be faced with. In addition to trying to figure out how to keep the place clean, I was also left with the challenge of tidying up the yard and keeping things trimmed. It was a little overwhelming, but I knew that I could do it with a little hard work and dedication. I started reading a lot of books and blogs about creating gorgeous things for your home and yard, and it was a great creative outlet. This blog is all about exciting, fun ways to make your home and yard even more beautiful.

Creating A Beautiful Home and Garden

    How To Use Decorative Quarry Stone To Beautify Your Yard

    If you're looking for an easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home, consider landscaping your front or backyard with decorative quarry stone. You can either purchase the rocks at a do-it-yourself home retailer or through a company that directly sources the stones from a decorative stone quarry.  When it comes to landscaping your home's outdoor areas with stones, you'll have a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles from which to choose.

    Safety Precautions To Take With Mold Removal

    Mold removal can seem like an easy task you can do at home. While it is doable, you should know that mold and mildew can adversely affect your health. Even if you are not asthmatic and do not currently suffer from respiratory infections like pneumonia or sinusitis, the process of removing molds can increase your risk. Mold spores are the ones responsible for these health problems and you should avoid inhaling them.

    Are You Thoroughly Cleaning Your Kitchen?

    During the past holiday season did you focus on things like decorating your house, baking and going to holiday events? If so, you more than likely were exhausted after New Year's, maybe even taking time off from heavy house cleaning. Now that you're well into 2019, perhaps you have decided that you'll start with your kitchen, organizing and making it super clean. From arranging for home pest control services to buying air-tight storage containers, here are some ideas that might help you.

    5 Renovation Tips For Adding Storage To A Small Bathroom

    With a little creative planning, even the smallest corner or hallway can work as a bathroom when you need more space for a growing family. Use these five tips to work more space into your smallest bathrooms, whether it's during the original installation or during a timely renovation. 1. Recessed Shelves If there's no more space on the walls for more shelves and medicine cabinets, install storage space inside the wall cavities instead.

    3 Tips To Maintain The Appearance Of Your Hardwood Floor

    Installing a hardwood floor is a great way to increase the value of your home while adding an upscale look. But if you want your hardwood floor to continue looking great for years to come, you'll have to take proper care of it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to hardwood maintenance. 1. Don't Let the Dust Get Comfortable Dust is eventually going to end up on your floor no matter how clean your house is.

    4 Steps To Prepare Your Tropical Plants For Winter

    As winter approaches, it will soon be time for most Americans to prepare their landscape for the harsh weather. If you have a tropically-inspired landscape, you need to be even more ready for the winter season. Here are a few things to put on your to-do list before the first frost comes. Decide What to Bring Inside If you have a lot of tropical plants that can't survive cold weather, you may not be able to save them all.

    Three Reasons To Install Custom Cabinets

    There are quite a lot of potential cabinet solutions for any residential project. There are cheaper modular systems that you can pick up over the counter at home improvement stores as well as custom craftsman systems that are meticulously built and designed by cabinetmakers. Obviously, the cost of these different products can vary substantially. Of course, most people start out by determining their budget and then deciding what their options are.

    Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has A Burning Odor

    It's unsettling when you notice a burning odor coming from your air conditioner. You might smell a smoky odor, burning rubber, or burning plastic. While the odor might not be serious, in some cases, it can signal problems that need quick attention to prevent a fire. Here's a look at a few possible reasons why your AC has a burning odor. The Filter Might Be Clogged If you forgot all about cleaning or changing the air filter, then it might be so clogged up that airflow is restricted through the inside of the HVAC system.